Electrical parameters for hypertrophy training with muscular electrostimulation

Muscular electrostimulation training focused on muscular hypertrophy is perhaps one of the issues that most interest professionals and the athlete in general. We leave here a short blog entry with some recommendations related to the electrical parameters to be used:

– The ideal pulse frequency for this performance is 75 Hz.

– Contraction time, considering a trained subject who has made an adequate progression with muscular electrostimulation, 6 to 8 seconds of contraction would be ideal as it would allow the application of eccentric phases simultaneous to the electrical impulse. I recommend reading the following tutorial: Eccentric training with muscular electrostimulation.

– Recovery time, thinking of a subject that starts or an advanced subject with whom we want the force generated in the contractions to be maintained over time (prevent fatigue) we will work with a density 1/2, i.e. double rest than impulse. In advanced phases where we are interested in adding a fatigue component, we can work with densities of 1/1 and even 2/1.

– At rest we can play with three possible frequencies: 3 to 5 Hz for the release of endorphins (to reduce the sensation of pain), 8 Hz for vascularisation (supply of nutrients and reduction of muscular acidity) and 0 Hz (absolute rest).


And, well, as for the formats of muscular electrostimulation we have today; Global EMS or analytical?

If you want the maximum development of a muscle group, without a doubt, analytical. The positive and negative pole of the circuit must be located within the same muscle.


Juan Peris



Sports Sciences DEA

Physical Trainer – Col. 12.739

Physiotherapist – Col. 3.319

Myox Specialist in Muscle Electrostimulation

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