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Compex is the world’s number one brand in the field of muscular electrostimulation, and has a wide range of equipment:

    • Compex SP 2.0: The simplest equipment in the Compex SP range, it has 20 programmes, and in our view the ideal equipment for those who want to take care of themselves. Regarding Compex MI-Intelligence functions, only the mi-scan is available. It is a wired electrostimulator and very easy to use.
    • Compex SP 4.0: In my opinion, a very competent stimulator for people who do not require a lot of programs and do not mind that this equipment is wired. This stimulator has 30 programs: 10 in the physical preparation category, 5 in recovery/massage, 8 in pain relief, 2 in rehabilitation and 5 in fitness. It has the mi-scan, mi-tens and mi-range functions.
    • Compex SP 6.0: With this electrostimulator we can say that we have made a leap in quality and comfort. It has the same programmes as the Compex SP 4.0, but this time with wireless technology. It has the mi-scan and mi-range functions.
    • Compex SP 8.0: The top-of-the-range device in the Compex range, a real luxury for any sportperson, has 40 programmes and all the Compex MI-Intelligence options, including of course a wireless electrostimulator.
    • Compex SP 8.0 WOD: This device is a Compex SP 8.0 and therefore has the same features, but with a very attractive camouflage look.


    • Compex FIT 1.0: This is Compex’s simplest electrostimulator, with just 10 programmes, 8 for muscle toning, 1 for pain relief and 1 for massage. It is wired and very easy to use.
    • Compex FIT 3.0: Electro-stimulator with 20 programmes: it already has 9 fitness category programmes, 8 pain relief programmes, 1 massage programme and 1 rehabilitation programme. It has the Mi-Scan function, which is also wired.
    • Compex FIT 5.0: The highest electro-stimulator in the Compex FIT range, with a total of 30 programmes. It has the Compex MI functions: mi-scan and mi-range. It stands out in its range for its wireless technology.


  • IN THE MEDICAL RANGE (commercially known as Chattanooga, a brand within the DJO GLOBAL group)
    Chattanooga Physio
    Chattanooga Theta
    Chattanooga Rehab
    Chattanooga Wireless Professional



Well yes, this is the truth, many people go to the mall to buy their Compex or maybe they buy it through the best offer on the internet, and then they come home and think: what now?

My name is Juan Peris, I’ve been training with muscular electro-stimulation for almost 20 years and I’ve been an official Compex sales point for more than 15 years, and I don’t stop seeing how the same situation repeat again and again:
In fact, do you know what the main technical problem with Compex is? Well, it is the battery, and that is that Compex batteries break down if you don’t use them; a pity, isn’t it?
Well, let’s stop being dramatic and find solutions, and to understand each other we will follow the same points indicated above:
Indeed, a Compex electrostimulator is one of the most profitable investments an athlete can make. Electrostimulation can help you to gain strength, muscular resistance, speed up your recovery process, prevent injuries, etc. But which device is best for you? Choosing your Compex properly is necessary, as choosing equipment with less performance than necessary is just as wrong as spending more money than necessary. I advise you to a bit up on this page and read our Compex products comparison.
Our distinctive value at Myox is precisely the curriculum, professional career and knowledge that supports us, and that is that we are going to help you choose your equipment. Do you need help? Contact us.

Of course, users compare, look for prices and opinions, and I want to tell you… never forget that the expensive/cost ratio is relative and subject to the experience of each user! That’s why at Myox, apart from worrying about offering you a good price, we know that, in time, you may not even remember the price you bought your equipment for, but we are sure that you will remember something, and that is that WE HELP YOU TO MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR COMPEX, and as I said before, when you discover the potential of Compex you will realise how the expensive/cheap ratio is different.

Well, we are all happy to receive our Compex model at our home.
And this is the key moment: WHAT NOW?
  • how to place the electrodes,
  • how long each program lasts,
  • when I apply it,
  • what the capillary program is for,
  • when I apply force or resistance,
  • if I run on Saturday, what program can help me prepare my career,
  • which is the best program to recover,
  • and a long etcetera of questions…
Now is when the sportsperson realizes that he/she doesn’t know where to start, and the great danger is that he seeks advice where he shouldn’t.
I take this opportunity to warn you dear friends: be very careful with the advice, offers and other publications that you will find on youtube and other social networks! and is that today anyone can publish, anyone feels by virtue of offering and giving advice, … take great care because today there are many blogs and youtubers talking about electrostimulation without any knowledge. Please always make sure that the person you are listening to is a qualified professional.
And here, unfortunately we come to the general conclusion, points 4 and 5 are given:

If you are thinking of buying a Compex, count on us. We are specialists in muscular electrostimulation, international teachers and have been training and advising coaches, physiotherapists, athletes and common Compex users for years.

At Myox, full of enthusiasm for doing a good job, we have decided that our best bet is to offer you training in the use of the Compex along with the purchase of your electro-stimulator, so that we can ensure that you train without injuries or side effects, that you enjoy the equipment and that you know how to correctly direct your muscular electro-stimulation training.

Browse through our shop and take a look at all the equipment in the SP line: COMPEX WOD, COMPEX SP 8.0, COMPEX SP 6.0, COMPEX SP 4.0, COMPEX SP 2.0; and the FIT line: COMPEX FIT 5.0, COMPEX FIT 3.0 and COMPEX 1.0.

A Compex user must know how to distribute their weekly workouts, how to place the electrodes on the various muscle groups, know which volume (quantity or duration) is most suitable for each objective, understand beyond the commercial names what each Compex program is for, know when and how to combine them with the various elements: bike, rollers, rowing machines, free weights,…

To do this, and so that you can learn step by step, I recommend you read our blog entry HOW MY COMPEX WORKS as a starting guide, and then you can continue learning with our ONLINE CLINICS.

So this is our job, to get a thought from each of you: “I bought a Compex and I know how to use it”.
If you are trying to get to know the products of the entire Compex range, I advise you to read our Compex product comparison, it will certainly help you a lot.
Thank you for following our work, we hope to continue by your side as professionals of your confidence.

We know that Compex electrostimulators have a number of programs, from 10 like the Compex Fit 1.0 to 40 like the Compex SP 8.0 or even the Compex WOD version. But which program should I choose? I must tell you that the most important thing is to be clear about what you are looking for. When training with a muscle stimulator there are different electrical parameters that will be properly programmed for each program of your Compex, but among them we are going to highlight the frequencies, which are measured in Hertz (Hz), a unit that measures the number of pulses per second. I present below a frequency map:

  • Over 50 Hz: PHASE MUSCLE (50 to 150 Hz).
And all this, could be simplified by referring to the type/s of muscular fiber that is recruited according to the Frequency (Hz):
SLOW FIBRES: 10 to 33 Hz
MIXED FIBRES: from 20 to 50 Hz
QUICK FIBRES: from 33 to 66 Hz (sedentary subjects), up to 150 Hz in athletes.

Well, dear readers, taking into account the information that I have just shown in the previous point, this is how the muscular electro-stimulators are programmed, and referring to Compex and Chattanooga, these are the results of categories and programs:

In the PHYSICAL PREPARATION category we can find the following programs:

  • Resistance: program indicated for sportspeople who face long distance tests, improves the tolerance to effort.
  • Endurance: for those sportspeople who need to maintain their strength levels in a sustained way.
  • Strength: increases the capacity of your muscles to exert force, exceeds your capacity to overcome external loads.
  • Explosive strength: for those athletes who require improvement in their explosiveness or the ability to implement accelerations in their executions.
  • Overcompensation: improves your muscular endurance levels in pre-competitive periods or phases.
  • Ankle sprain prevention: improve the efficiency of the muscles that provide stability to the ankle.
  • Cross training: sequential training that allows you to improve different physical qualities.
  • Core stabilisation: programme designed to improve the strength and stability of the abdominal and lower back muscles.
  • Hypertrophy: for those athletes who wish to increase their muscle mass.
  • Muscle building: increases the tone of your muscle mass and its volume.
  • Warming up: prepares your muscles to face your competitions and training sessions more efficiently.
  • Strengthening: prepares your muscles for the best performance and display of strength and explosiveness, designed to be applied pre-competitively.
  • Capillarization: increases blood flow and vascularizes your muscle mass.

In the category RECOVERY/MASSAGE we can find these programs:

  • Training recovery: facilitates recovery after moderate training.
  • Post-competition recovery: helps you to recover after efforts that have caused a very high level of muscle fatigue.
  • Relaxing massage: facilitates the relaxation of your muscles.
  • Reduction of muscle soreness: vascularises your muscles, provides them with nutrients and speeds up recovery from soreness.
  • Regenerative massage: program designed to relieve the feeling of tiredness.
In the category ANTIPAIN we can find the following programs:
  • Anti-pain TENS: relieves localised pain or pain that is in an acute phase, applicable at a joint level.
  • Decontracting: reduces muscular tension and decreases the degree to which your muscles can be contracted.
  • Muscle pain: endorphinic program, has analgesic effects, blocks pain.
  • Cervical pain: analgesic program designed for the neck area.
  • Lumbar pain: programme with analgesic effects, designed to be applied to the lumbar area and the rest of the back.
  • Lumbago: variant of the lumbar pain program, analgesia for your lower back.
  • Epicondylitis: facilitates recovery and reduces the pain of elbow tendinitis.
  • Tendinitis: reduces persistent pain and facilitates recovery from tendinitis.
  • Heavy legs: increases blood flow, moves your muscles and relieves the feeling of heaviness in your legs.
  • Cramp prevention: prepares your muscles to train without cramps.

In the category REHABILITATION we can find the following programs:

  • Atrophy: activates and recovers strength in muscle fibres that have atrophied after rest or inactivity due to injury.
  • Strengthening: it recovers the muscular force after an injury, phase after the atrophy program.

Finally, in the FITNESS category we can find the following programs:

  • Arm strengthening: tones up your arm muscles.
  • Tone thighs: gives firmness and tone to your thigh muscles.
  • Strengthen abdomen: gain tone and strength in your abdominal muscles.
  • Develop biceps: increase the muscle mass of your biceps
  • Shoulder muscles: develop the muscles of your shoulders.
  • Pectoral augmentation: increase the volume of your pectorals
  • Define abs: firm and sculpt your abdominal girth.
  • Butt sculpting: tones and sculpts your buttocks.
  • Power: improves muscle strength and gains tone.
  • Lymphatic Drainage: activates the lymphatic system reducing the swelling of your legs.

If you are a doctor or physiotherapist and you are interested in knowing the specific programs of the medical range, which in addition to those mentioned here, include the Chattanooga electro-stimulators, please contact us.


If you have any questions about muscle electrostimulation here we will try to solve it. If you cannot find the answer to your question, visit our blog or send us an email with your question.

Technology that applied to the Sciences of Physical Exercise, Sports, Physiotherapy and Kinesiology is able to accelerate processes and maximize results.

Muscle electrostimulation (EMS -Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is a working system in which we can induce muscle contractions through electrical impulses. These impulses are sent by equipment we call “electrostimulator” and its benefits have super interesting applications in the field of sports, health, physiotherapy, sports rehabilitation, medicine and aesthetics.

This training system has been applied for decades in the field of high performance sports, also has an important history in the field of rehabilitation, both areas have a great scientific endorsement. Today, buying an electro-stimulator is within the reach of many amateurs, being a technology that is not reserved only for the professional sector. But do users who buy a Compex really know how to use it? Do they apply electrostimulation correctly?

At the Myox Institute we have been advising and training both professionals and amateurs who wish to benefit from the privileges of this technology for years. We want to become your reference brand to help you in the choice of your equipment, to be the one who advises or trains you to make the most of it both personally and professionally. We invite you to make the most of our forums and blog; it is a pleasure for us to share.

“Neuromuscular electro-stimulation (NMES) is understood to be the reproduction of the natural physiology of muscle contraction by means of electrical impulses. These impulses are similar to those emitted by the brain, have the capacity to excite the motor nerve percutaneously and are sent by a constant current generator (capable of compensating for our inconstant electrical bioimpedance). In order to control the physiological effects of this impulse, it is necessary to control the electrical parameters (type of wave, frequency, Chronaxy and Rheobase, ramps and impulse times) as well as the criteria for individualising the training loads (type of contraction, level and type of effort, etc.); in this way we can: relax a muscle, vascularise it, improve the performance of its fast or slow fibre and even achieve a biofeedback that allows neuromuscular readaptation work”. J.Peris, 2017

Its function is to generate muscle contractions, and can be applied to:

  • Gain muscle mass
  • Increase strength levels
  • Improve muscle endurance levels
  • Improve fatigue tolerance
  • Improve your performance in resistance disciplines
  • Improve your posture
  • Recover from injuries
  • Relieve or eliminate pain sensations
  • Recover from workouts
  • Help you in weight loss programs

We invite you to visit our blog and participate in our training. You will discover the exciting world of muscle electrostimulation.

If you are thinking of buying a Compex, it is important that you contact us and ask us what your purposes are and so we can advise you on which model is best suited to your needs.

We have already seen in the previous point “what is the use of muscle electrostimulation”, but many people could make a logical reasoning and think “well, but with traditional training I can also achieve those objectives”, so when this technology is presented as a training system or when talking about it as a health promoter, we must go further and explain to the user what its advantages are:

Speaking of strength, it has the ability to recruit more muscle fibers than voluntary training, that is, to contract “higher percentage” of muscle; facilitating a greater development of strength and muscle mass (hypertrophy). It is important to clarify that the greatest results, as scientific studies have shown, come from the combination of electrostimulation with traditional training.

On the other hand, continuing with strength training, since EMS generates muscle contractions through electrical impulses, it is capable of producing this muscular action without the need for external resistance. This means that we could train our muscles without causing stress on the joints. All this requires proper planning and individualization of effort.

We can reduce training times because it is capable of producing very strong stimuli at the muscular level, not requiring high training volumes.

Great biofeedback strategy, the EMS is capable of producing muscle activations that many subjects would not be able to produce on their own. Sometimes, due to overuse, repetition of some sports gesture, for previous injuries, … some muscles become inhibited, so that the subject is not able to contract them as it should, resulting in defective movement patterns or postures.

In addition, referring to maintenance or resistance to stress, electromusculation, since the orders of muscular contraction are generated by an electrostimulator, we can impose longer tension and working times on our muscle mass. Obviously, once again, knowledge is required to safely implement it in our workouts.

As you can imagine, these are just a few examples of the advantages it can offer you, if you want to know more do not hesitate, contact us.

An electrostimulation equipment is, in short, a current generator that will send an electrical impulse, which will arrive, through an electrode attached to the skin, to the muscle, specifically to the motor nerve that is where the process will begin muscle contraction

And yes, this is how it works, an electrostimulator is a device that has the function of generating muscle contractions. It does so through an electrical impulse that is able to reproduce the natural phenomenon of muscle contraction.

Compex electrostimulators have, depending on the model, from 10 to 40 programs. There is in each of these programs a different application of the electrical parameters (chronaxia, rheobase, frequency, contraction / rest times, ramps, …) which is what will derive in the different effects that we will produce on muscle mass .

From the Myox Institute we have always made it clear that muscle electrostimulation is an excellent resource, but that working a muscle electrostimulator requires responsibility and knowledge. If you are an amateur and you have a Compex or are thinking of buying it, we advise you to always have good professional advice.

A poorly used muscle electrostimulator has its clear risks, and given the strong recruitment produced, electrostimulation could lead to fibrillar rupture and, in very severe cases, rhabdomyolysis and even renal failure. As for this point we are going to clarify two, it is complicated that these things can happen if you train with a Compex, being more likely with an electrostimulation vest why? Simply because of the number of muscles that are subjected to the effort. And to clarify that, any of these harmful processes can occur with any type of activity, since they are not a consequence of electrostimulation but of overexertion.

As for the contraindications of your electrostimulator:

  • Step mark or cardiac defibrillator.
  • Epilepsy
  • Pregnancy
  • Abdominal or inguinal hernia
  • Diastasis of rectus abdominis
  • Placement of electrodes in the neck (anterior and lateral part)
  • Cardiac pathologies
  • Venous thrombosis and thrombophlebitis
  • Severe arterial obstruction
  • Circulatory problems
  • Hemophilia
  • Fever
  • Infectious processes
  • Arterial hypertension
  • Serious neurological diseases
  • Cancer, tumor diseases
  • Inflammatory pathologies
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Skin irritation, wounds or burns

In this relationship of contraindications that we have shown, there are partial and absolute contraindications. In addition many of them conditioned to the knowledge of the professional. Please, in case of doubt always consult the specialist.

“I have a muscle electrostimulator and I don’t know how to use it!”, This is one of the most typical situations for the number of users and athletes who bought a Compex and now they don’t know where to start. We will give you some small keys, but if you want to deepen I invite you to consult our blog, ask through our forums and enroll in our electrostimulation courses.

First of all you must be clear about your objective:

  • I want to improve my physical condition
  • I am motivated by aesthetic issues
  • I want to recover from my workouts
  • I need to take care of my health
  • I want to relieve pain

Now you must be clear about the programs that will help you achieve your goals, you will find categories of physical preparation programs, aesthetics, fitness, recovery, anti-pain, … In our app, you will find a user guide that will surely help you clarify many doubts.

The next step is to know how to place the electrodes, in our electrode placement gallery, and of course, through our app, you will find the necessary information to proceed safely. Proper electrode placement facilitates more powerful contractions and more comfortable workouts.

Turn on your electrostimulator, go to the program and now take into account the position that you should adopt, or where appropriate, the sports gesture that you should perform. Depending on your objective, many possibilities open up: for relaxation, massage or anti-pain programs you must be static and very comfortable, instead for physical preparation and toning programs you must have an active attitude, either in static positions or performing movements .

Many of you buy an electrostimulator with the intention of having a small, powerful and very versatile equipment at home that will help you improve your fitness and well-being. And this is really correct, although it is not the only option, and that is that an electrostimulator can be taken to a gym, to some athletic tracks, or even work with it outdoors. The question is, as we always insist, to be clear about my objective.

The question is, for all those athletes who, for reasons of time or displacement, want to train at home, what devices and accessories you might need:

  • First of all, having properly chosen the Compex, Chattanooga or electrofitness vest model that best suits your particular need. We will have chosen, of course, wired or wireless equipment, with a sportier or perhaps more oriented approach to rehabilitation.
  • It is necessary to have a complete kit of electrodes, both small (size 5×5 cm.), and large (size 5×10 cm.).
  • We recommend you always have Compex fastening straps, they will help you hold the electrodes well, and only worry about training well
  • It is recommended to have the carrying case, to take your electrostimulator wherever you need it comfortably and well protected
  • The motor point pencil and the conductive gel are the necessary accessories for the most demanding users, those who want to know exactly where to place the electrodes. These accessories are mandatory for sports and physiotherapy professionals.
  • When you have an electrostimulator, you already have the means to create muscular tension and improve your physical condition, which makes you non-dependent on other materials. But we know that electro-stimulation is a complement to training, so it is not superfluous to have other materials. If you are going to train at home you could use some elastic bands and a mat.
  • And of course, do not forget to download our app, which will be your best ally in your training with electrostimulation.

Electrostimulation is a technology that requires, at a minimum, responsibility and professional advice for its proper use. When we analyze the reality of the market from the point of view of training, we see how many athletes acquire their equipment in order to improve their physical condition and recover faster from their workouts, the problem they find is that they are not then able to obtain even 10% of the performance that the electrostimulator could offer them, being totally wasted. On the other hand, from the point of view of health and well-being, many users acquire the equipment to treat their joint and muscle aches, to improve the appearance of their body, etc., but once again we find ourselves in a situation where the user does not know where to start, what program to wear, how often to use it or what exactly he or she should feel.

When we analyze whether muscle electrostimulation should be performed with a personal trainer or in the company of a physiotherapist, we must first consider what are the specific knowledge of these professionals about this specialty. Considering proper training, we argue that the benefit and safety with which a user will apply electrostimulation is potentially greater.

For all this, from Myox we offer you our App, so that you can follow work guides, receive advice, be able to evaluate your workouts and other applications, and even to make a completely personalized follow-up.


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