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What is and how the Compex Mi (muscle-intelligence) technology works?

MI, PERSONALIZED ELECTRO-STIMULATION FOR EVERY PHYSIOLOGY Compex equipment comes equipped with the exclusive MI (Muscle Intelligence) technology, the electro-stimulators have the capacity to scan your muscles (calculate parameters such as chronaxia and rheobase) and adapt to each of them by individualising the electrical parameters; and what is the advantage of this? It increases the efficiency […]

Which Compex model to choose? Comparison of electrostimulators

comparativa electroestimuladores compex

If you are thinking of buying a Compex and don’t know which model to choose, we will try to help you. A Compex device is one of the smartest and most profitable investments that many people can make, both athletes and people who simply want to feel good. But we have a wide variety of […]

Announcement on the MyoFX brand of muscular electrostimulation suits/jackets (electrofitness).

Official statement from MYOX concerning the confusion with the MyoFX brand of electrostimulation suits. News: The European Patent and Trademark Office has agreed with us and MyoFX has been annulled as a trademark and must be withdrawn from the market. If you are interested in seeing the official document, you can download it here: DOWNLOAD […]

What is sport electrostimulation?

Let’s talk about sports electrostimulation, what it is and what it is for. Muscular electrostimulation is a technology that allows us to generate excitement through the nervous system and produce a muscle contraction. This is the essence of this technology, a method of inducing muscle contractions.   Note: if you are a professional in the […]

Fat loss and muscle electrostimulation training

In this commentary, we enter into a very controversial subject because, as it is something that concerns the vast majority of the public, it has been used indiscriminately as a commercial tool in many cases and, it has been criticized indiscriminately by detractors as well. We are also aware of the apparent contradictions that exist […]

How does my Compex work?

In this post we will try to offer you general notions about how to use your Compex:   REGARDING ELECTRODES PLACEMENT You will find two sizes of Compex electrodes, large (5×10) and small (5×5), your choice depends on the muscle group you want to train. Choosing the electrodes properly will result in comfort and effectiveness. […]


Everyone knows the importance of strength work in the eccentric phase when we want to maximize the gains of strength and above all, thinking of the gain of muscle mass as the main objective. The capacity to apply force in this phase is up to 30-40% greater than in the concentric phase and the ideal […]

Electrical parameters for hypertrophy training with muscular electrostimulation

Muscular electrostimulation training focused on muscular hypertrophy is perhaps one of the issues that most interest professionals and the athlete in general. We leave here a short blog entry with some recommendations related to the electrical parameters to be used: – The ideal pulse frequency for this performance is 75 Hz. – Contraction time, considering […]


Working with muscular electrostimulation allows us to enjoy an infinite number of applications, always based on two basic principles: 1- Increased motor recruitment 2- Biofeedback, to induce muscular contractions where the subject is not able to produce them by himself or to improve them. However, in order for the work with electrostimulation to be properly […]

Strength training with electrofitness vests or suits

Strength training with electrofitness suits or vests, what factors should I take into account?   Training with EMS GLOBAL through suits or muscle electrostimulation vests has spread in recent years all over the world. But are the coaches applying it judiciously? Is there a real knowledge of how electrostimulation should be applied? In this blog […]