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Our app is not an automated system; we are trained professionals offering truly personalized service and attention.

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Numerous Options

The Myox App, a project developed with absolute dedication, offers you a multitude of options and resources for professionals and users in the field of training and health.

Exercise Guide

Discover the most comprehensive guide to weightlifting, running technique, electrostimulation, and physiotherapy exercises, on a platform managed by certified and specialized professionals.


Electrode Placement Guide

The most extensive and up-to-date electrode placement guide, with the added possibility to interact and ask your questions.


Personal Training Program

Do you want a professional to develop a personalized training program for you? Can you imagine a completely interactive and personalized platform for your physical preparation? What if you need a therapeutic program? Or training with electrostimulation? Myox App is the place for you, where advanced technology and personal, traditional care go hand in hand



This is your opportunity to train with Professor Juan Peris, an international reference in muscle electrostimulation. If you are a Physical Trainer or Physiotherapist, you can expand your resources and strategies in your work with our specialized training in electrostimulation. And if you are a user, we have prepared courses for you to make the most of your electrostimulator.


Electrostimulation Software Simulator

Wow, the perfect tool for electrostimulation software simulation for professionals, with the guidance of a leading expert. We are confident that many trainers and physiotherapists will find it valuable.


And we offer you something unprecedented: two lines of electrostimulation training simulators, one for professionals and one for users. Furthermore, designed for those of you who have a Compex device and for those who use electrofitness vests.

Professional Blog

We have an extensive blog on exercise and health, and if you’re interested in electrostimulation, you have the most comprehensive and practical blog you can find. And now, it’s more interactive than ever from the app.



Multilingual Chat

At Myox, we make it easy for you to interact with professionals and users from around the world in a chat dedicated to electrostimulation. Share, discuss, and interact with others who share your interests

Chat with Juan Peris

The essence of our brand is personalization and personal care, and this is no exception in our APP. That’s why we provide you with direct access to chat with Juan Peris, director of Myox and an international reference professional in electrostimulation. He is responsible for educational projects, training, and physiotherapy.


Course launches, training sessions, live broadcasts, and much more. Follow our events calendar and stay updated on Myox initiatives.

Enjoy the Store

And from our app, interact with our store, visit and read information about our products and services, access the best deals, and if you have any questions, you can leave your comments.

The Creator

Hello, my name is Juan Peris. I have been working, training, researching, and delivering international training on muscle electrostimulation for over 20 years. Now, I have the honor and great excitement to share with all of you the Myox App, an application designed to provide the best resources and personal attention. I hope you like it! Thank you.