What is and how the Compex Mi (muscle-intelligence) technology works?


Compex equipment comes equipped with the exclusive MI (Muscle Intelligence) technology, the electro-stimulators have the capacity to scan your muscles (calculate parameters such as chronaxia and rheobase) and adapt to each of them by individualising the electrical parameters; and what is the advantage of this? It increases the efficiency of the electrical impulse, achieving optimum lower intensities of contraction, which translates into more effective and comfortable training.
  • MI-SCAN:

    • before starting the training, it makes a reading of your muscle, calculating the necessary parameters to produce motor response, then it adjusts them automatically adapting to your physiology.
    • the sensor scans the muscle, calculating values such as chronaxia and rheobase and automatically adjusts these electrical parameters of the stimulator to your physiology, thus achieving greater comfort and efficiency, i.e. optimal contraction with a lower amount of electrical energy required.

    • the electro-stimulator indicates the optimum intensity of stimulation during the execution of the Recovery and Massage programmes.

    • coordinates your actions to the maximum with the electrical impulses, enjoy your active training. The electro-stimulator is able to detect your contraction and then send the impulse.
    • optimises the effectiveness of the session by combining voluntary contractions with electrostimulation contractions, giving you total control over your training. The equipment is capable of detecting your voluntary contraction and then sending out the electrical impulse.
  • MI-TENS:

    • How much intensity do I give to the TENS? What should I feel? With this function you ensure good results without the risk of overdoing it, your electro-stimulator helps you control the right intensity.
    • A function that offers a lot of security in the treatment of pain, the muscular electro-stimulator facilitates the adjustment of the intensity of stimulation in the TENS Pain programme by recommending a range of stimuli and even lowering them automatically when it detects an excessive intensity, in order to ensure optimum results.

    • With this function your Compex stimulator calculates and indicates the most appropriate level of stimulation.
    • a new function of Compex Muscle-Intelligence technology that allows the stimulator to automatically determine the most appropriate level of stimulation.


It was a real pleasure to share with you this blog post “Which Compex model to choose? Product comparison“, but we know that things don’t stop there, because most of you need to learn how to operate an electrostimulator, how and when to use the Compex, and what its advantages really are.



Juan Peris



Sports Sciences DEA

Physical Trainer – Col. 12.739

Physiotherapist – Col. 3.319

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