What is sport electrostimulation?

Let’s talk about sports electrostimulation, what it is and what it is for.

Muscular electrostimulation is a technology that allows us to generate excitement through the nervous system and produce a muscle contraction. This is the essence of this technology, a method of inducing muscle contractions.


  • Note: if you are a professional in the sector and would like to know our concept of muscle electrostimulation, I advise you to read this article from our professional blog: MUSCLE ELECTROSTIMULATION: CONCEPT.
Training with Compex, Myox advanced training


And when we talk about sports electrostimulation, we refer to the application of muscle electrostimulation for the purpose of improving sports performance. Here we include any method or system that facilitates it, for example:



Well, since a muscle is composed of a number of fibers and all of them have the capacity to contract at 100%, in fact, a fiber either contracts at 100% or does not contract at all, this phenomenon is known as the “law of all or nothing”. Without going into more physiological details, I would like you to understand that our body will recruit more or fewer muscle fibers depending on the endurance that must overcome because it is obviously not the same to lift 12 than 40 kg.


And how does the muscle electrostimulation work?

The muscle electric stimulator has the capacity to recruit (cause its contraction) a higher number of muscle fibers than a person would contract voluntarily, that is, to which a person is able to generate as a maximum stimulus under normal conditions.

Strength training, generates adaptations (improvements) depending on the stimuli (muscle stress) that it receives, and this is where we understand the role of muscle electrostimulation: it recruits a greater number of muscle fibers, therefore, more fibers are submitted to a stress, and of course, the adaptations will be greater.


What programs can I use from my electrostimulation equipment?

For those who have a Compex, you will find programs such as STRENGTH, MAXIMUM STRENGTH, HYPERTROPHY, BODY-BUILDING, AND POWER PROGRAMS.

And those who train with electrostimulation suits, will find programs between 65 and 100 Hz.


Muscle electric stimulation suit: electrofitness



Another issue or approach that we find in strength training is that of training aimed not at the development of the maximum level of strength, but those aimed at maintaining a level of strength for as long as possible.

Examples: a cyclist in a long sprint, a runner of 400 m. flat, a 100 m. butterfly, a Judo battle thinking about its total duration and not the projections as a unit.


And how does the electrostimulation act in muscular endurance training?

Simply by prolonging the effort beyond what an athlete could voluntarily sustain, the fact that an electrical stimulus is programmed will cause the activation of the muscle independently of the state of tiredness of the athlete. Obviously, this supposes control and advice from a professional.


What programs can I use with my electrostimulator?

Athletes who use Compex can use the MUSCULAR ENDURANCE program.

And athletes who train with electrostimulation vests and you will find programs between 45 and 65 Hz.


Endurance training with Compex, Juan Peris
Endurance training with Compex, Juan Peris



Your muscle electrostimulation equipment can also help you in your performance in medium or long-term tests. As we have described before it has the ability to recruit more muscle fibers than voluntary control (in this case, slow fibers) and also to sustain the effort during a longer period of time. In addition, it has the advantage that in the training sessions you perform with muscle electrostimulation there is no joint impact (unless you do it simultaneously), this will allow your joints to rest within your weekly workout volume.


How can I apply electrostimulation for aerobic endurance?

You must have very clear which are the main muscle groups for your sports discipline, and then, you can apply it in a unique way (only electrostimulation) or combined (sports activity simultaneous to the electrical impulse); This will depend on your level of fitness, objectives and specific experience with electrostimulation.



What programs can I use with Compex?

Compex has the AEROBIC ENDURANCE program.

What programs can I use with electrofitness suits?

You will find programs between 15 and 35 Hz.


Muscular recovery with the Easy Motion Skin suit
Muscular recovery with telectrofitness suit



A good, more effective and faster recovery is also part of sports performance. Not only does it help us to assimilate the effects of the previous session but it also arranges the organism for the next session. These programs are usually based on three major points:

  • Endorphinic effect: relieves pain sensations
  • Decontracting effect: lows muscle tone
  • Vascular effect: this is the most important, it increases the blood supply, increasing the nutrients contribution and facilitating the descent of the post-effort muscular acidity.


What programs can I use with my Compex?


What program can I use with electrofitness suits?

In your global electrostimulation suit you should find programs below 10 Hz.


We hope through this blog post to help you understand what real sports electrostimulation is. As always, a pleasure.


Juan Peris



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