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What is sport electrostimulation?

Let’s talk about sports electrostimulation, what it is and what it is for. Muscular electrostimulation is a technology that allows us to generate excitement through the nervous system and produce a muscle contraction. This is the essence of this technology, a method of inducing muscle contractions.   Note: if you are a professional in the […]

Strength training with electrofitness vests or suits

Strength training with electrofitness suits or vests, what factors should I take into account?   Training with EMS GLOBAL through suits or muscle electrostimulation vests has spread in recent years all over the world. But are the coaches applying it judiciously? Is there a real knowledge of how electrostimulation should be applied? In this blog […]

Analysis: muscular electrostimulation suits

Muscular electrostimulation is a technology which is able to make muscles work with the help of electric pulse. With these and depending on how the device which generates them has been programmed, the electrostimulation will grant diverse effects going from ranges between hypertrophy or muscle empower, muscle relaxation or accelerating healing processes. Muscle electric stimulation […]