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Courses in Muscle Electrostimulation, Pressotherapy, and Percussion Therapy.

A brand born in 1998, currently training coaches, fitness trainers, physiotherapists, kinesiologists, and teachers worldwide.

Myox Institute, currently an international benchmark, recognized for its expertise in Muscle Electrostimulation.

A training methodology always delivered from the dual perspective of health and sports performance. With a dual focus on both the professional and the end consumer.


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Our training programs are divided into online courses and in-person courses, offering a wide range of training for certified professionals and university students. Of course, we also have a range of courses suitable for many users and athletes to learn concepts and optimal criteria for taking care of themselves and excelling in their workouts.

Myox Specialist Certification in Muscle Electrostimulation: Training and Rehabilitation

Certify yourself as a specialist in muscle electrostimulation through our itinerary of 7 online courses, totaling 220 hours. A pioneering international training characterized by the quality and rigor of its content, a theoretical-practical didactic approach, and the closeness and direct interaction between teacher and student.


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Electrostimulation Courses

Meet Juan Peris, Director and Professor at Myox Institute

The direction and teaching of our in-person and online courses are led by Professor Juan Peris, who has a brilliant academic background and practical experience in the field of physical exercise and health for over 20 years.

He holds university degrees in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, Physiotherapy, and is a specialized teacher in Physical Education. Currently pursuing a doctorate in the Department of Physiology at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Valencia.


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A small sample of our training programs

Online Course: Muscle Electrostimulation Applied to Strength Training in Health and Sports

This is one of the many practical videos in this course. Specifically, in this video, we explain how to synchronize the electric impulse with the eccentric phase of the movement in order to provoke the maximum muscle hypertrophy response..

Online Course: Muscle Electrostimulation Applied to Strength Training in Health and Sports.

Here we share another practical video from this interesting online course. We see practically how to perform a bicep training with muscle electrostimulation.

Weight Loss and Cellulite Reduction with Muscle Electrostimulation

This is an online course offered to professionals and amateur enthusiasts, with a very practical approach, where different working systems are presented where electrostimulation will become a facilitator of results in weight loss and cellulite programs.

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Answering all your questions

Still have questions? Check out these frequently asked questions about our training programs, and if you still have concerns, contact us.

Myox Institute is an institution specialized in health and sports sciences, with a notable focus on technology applied to training and rehabilitation. It offers both online and in-person courses led by Professor Juan Peris, an expert in muscle electrostimulation with a solid academic background in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, Physiotherapy, and Physical Education.

The institution stands out for its theoretical-practical approach, teacher-student closeness, and the quality of its content. With a track record of over 20 years, Myox Institute has become an international reference in muscle electrostimulation training.

All of this is made possible by the quality of its content, having introduced the first certification specializing in muscle electrostimulation to the market, an honest teaching approach based on close interaction with each student, and, in summary, a commitment to doing things right with care, enthusiasm, and dedication.

Electrostimulation is a method or system of work through which we can induce muscle contractions by electrical impulses emitted by an electrostimulator. This “work” can be framed in the field of Sports Performance, Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy, or Aesthetics, depending on the goals and means applied.

Pressotherapy in the field of sports is a means of facilitating and accelerating the recovery processes of athletes, thereby enhancing improvements in their sports performance. We use devices known as “pressotherapy boots” that, through chambers generating positive pressure, stimulate the lymphatic and blood circulatory systems, primarily aiding in venous return.

Percussion therapy is performed using devices known as “massage guns or percussion guns” and involves stimulating the muscle mass through a certain number of impacts per second that promote relaxation and improved blood circulation. This optimizes recovery after workouts or the treatment of certain injuries.

We have developed a methodology for training with muscle electrostimulation that has made Myox a unique system in the world. The concept, its electrical parameters, physiological and biomechanical implications have been analyzed at levels not previously known, resulting in an exclusive methodology that we have been pleased to share through our training for years.

Our in-person and online courses are characterized by their rigor, seriousness, and professionalism. You will be able to learn and understand how the Myox methodology provides resources in:

  • Sports Performance
  • Aesthetics
  • Physiotherapy
  • Sports Rehabilitation
  • Postural Correction
  • Movement Reeducation
  • Special Populations
  • Injuries, Pain,…

The academic offer of Myox Institute is divided into:

Of course, we reinforce our training work with advisory tutorials focused on professionals who want to discuss real cases with their clients or patients, as well as for users who have or are considering purchasing a muscle electrostimulator and need guidance for responsible and effective use of their equipment.

Certainly, at Myox, we approach electrostimulation in a comprehensive manner. This means that we analyze and apply both analytical electrostimulation with leading brands such as Compex or Chattanooga, and, of course, also with suits or vests for global muscle electrostimulation.

The Myox certification is the first and most comprehensive specialization training in muscular electrostimulation developed internationally. It consists of 220 hours of training, with a wide range of theoretical and practical content, private tutoring, real-life cases, applications with traditional-analytical electrostimulators, and with electrostimulation suits/vests. Undoubtedly, this training is designed to meet the needs of and become a resource for the most ambitious professionals. Trainers, physiotherapists, kinesiologists, rehabilitators, re-adaptation specialists, you are all welcome!

This certification includes the 7 online courses for professionals. Imagine the amount of content we can learn to truly become great professionals in muscular electrostimulation!

At the Myox Institute, we almost daily receive very specific inquiries from trainers and physiotherapists around the world, asking us questions about real cases that arise in their clinics or training centers.

On the other hand, many users approach us to ask very specific questions about how to use electrostimulation for their personal goals (sports, aesthetic, or in many cases, for the treatment of injuries or pain).

Through these short-term online courses on muscle electrostimulation, pressotherapy, etc., we aim to offer you these “informational pills” that will undoubtedly help you in your day-to-day life.

They are, in short, practical, monographic courses designed to provide specific resources for specific issues.

We help you get the most out of your electrostimulator, a lot of people have bought a Compex and then have endless questions that, when not properly answered, lead to frustration, well, here we are to lend you a hand.

We already know that muscle electrostimulation is a truly powerful tool available to professionals, but when used without knowledge, it exposes us to risks, some of them serious. Therefore, it is a matter of professional ethics and respect for the patient and the profession itself to provide services to our clients and patients in a safe manner, firstly, and adapted to the needs of each individual, secondly.

Yes, in courses aimed at professionals. It’s important not only to certify their participation but also the acquisition of theoretical-practical knowledge, which provides guarantees of making the most of the training in question. Therefore, assessment will be done through multiple-choice exams or short answer tests, as well as the development of cases or practical scenarios in a more detailed manner.

In the training courses, usually of short duration, offered to users, taking a final multiple-choice exam is optional. It’s about the thrill of self-assessment, the challenge of testing oneself, a personal ambition, in which you can always count on the teacher Juan Peris, to assist you, resolve errors or doubts, so that you truly feel satisfied with the training.

Our students have 4 months (per course) of access in their personal student area in the Myox app to all the content and educational resources of the online training.

When the objectives have not been met within the specified time, our students request an extension of the access times.

It is a private certification.

Non-regulated training (continuous and occupational) as stipulated by Law 5/2002 on qualifications and vocational training.

Annually, we hold face-to-face training sessions in the cities of Valencia, La Nuc├şa (Alicante), or Madrid. We also organize sessions in Sevilla, Barcelona, Bilbao, Tenerife,… and other major cities across Spain. If we currently don’t have a session in your city, you can propose one yourself.

Internationally, we offer courses and in-person conferences in Portugal and Brazil (Brasilia, and Sao Paulo). Proposals for Mexico, Argentina, Guatemala, and others are being considered.

The face-to-face courses are very practical and dynamic, ensuring maximum benefit for the attendees, most of whom have already been pre-trained at our Myox Institute through our online courses on the app.

Are you interested in any of our national or international face-to-face events? Or do you want to collaborate and propose an event in your country or city? Don’t hesitate, contact us. We just love our job!

Yes, absolutely! My name is Juan Peris, and I can’t imagine training without a close, empathetic, and adapted teacher-student relationship. So yes, of course. Closeness is the essence of our work.

In all our online courses on electrostimulation and other topics, you will find forums, group and individual chat with the teacher. In addition to individual tutoring by video call that we will conduct for resolving doubts, applying content, solving practical cases, and reviewing exams.

Don’t hesitate, train with the Myox Institute and enjoy learning!