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Physical Trainers and Physiotherapists of international prestige answer your questions and guide you in your purchase or contracting process.


Myox Institute, after 22 years of experience, is an international benchmark in electrostimulation training.


Specialized professionals will offer you the best after-sales service, helping you get the most out of your investment.


We all want to find a brand that meets our needs, that does it with professionalism, whose advice and indications are based on true knowledge, but also, that makes us feel special, feel that they care about us.

Well, my dear friends, this is Myox Advanced Training, a brand built on knowledge, professionalism and the passion and affection for what is transmitted; in short, a brand born from true vocation.

It is both beautiful and surprising to think that a brand that has become an international benchmark is really a family business, run by a married couple, Juan Peris and Thais de Moura; and that is why our line of work denotes enthusiasm, commitment, respect and passion for what we do.

Myox advanced training, is a professional brand that provides comprehensive services for health and sport, with muscle electrostimulation as its speciality; a subject for which it has become “internationally renowned”.

Yes, Myox is divided into three departments or areas, so that the specialization of each one allows us to offer the best service:

  • Myox Training: a working area designed to provide services related to training and physiotherapy, which at the same time has different specialities:
    • Personal training
    • Physical preparation
    • Therapeutic physical exercise
    • Physiotherapy – Osteopathy
    • Readaptation
    • Physical exercise at work
    • Muscle electrostimulation
    • Human Biomechanics
  • Myox Institute: offers training courses (national and international) and online, in health, physical exercise and sport, specializing in muscular electrostimulation. It also offers advice, tutorials and personalised courses, both to professionals and companies, and to athletes and ordinary users.

And if I were to think as a user, then I would want the person who sells a product to be really an expert on it,to  whom as a user I could ask questions and receive honest and knowledgeable advice.

I would also like, once I have bought a product, they to worry about my satisfaction and to be able to continue counting on the professionals to consult them about the use, and that they could offer me resources to train and interact to get the most out of my purchase.

Dear reader, all this is Myox. Welcome.

As an independent distributor, Myox only selects the top brands (electrostimulation, therapy, supplements, nutrition,…), and that is, those brands that strictly comply with the legal requirements to be marketed, that take maximum care of the quality of their raw materials and manufacturing processes, and of course, that offer a guarantee and after-sales service that meets our expectations.

Myox Institute, is characterized by two great pillars:

  • Its speciality, muscular electro-stimulation, being the first institute at an international level to develop a training and certification route specializing in training and readaptation with electro-stimulation.
  • Its proximity, and is that you will have the maximum personal involvement by Professor Juan Peris, because really our satisfaction lies in the fact that the teaching-learning process is exceptional and can guarantee the obtaining of theoretical and practical knowledge that enriches the professional. That is why our training courses are loaded with private tutorials and other resources that allow for continuous teacher-student interaction., the Myox online shop, transfers and respects each and every one of the guarantees established by law to protect the consumer, in addition to the guarantees offered by the brands marketed here, and finally, as a personal seal, we guarantee serious and real advice in the pre- and post- sales.
  • Because the greatest care is taken with each student.
  • Because the teacher is truly a trained professional who specialises in the subject he or she is teaching.
  • Because you will be certified by an institute of international prestige.
  • Of course, because the contents taught are of high quality and with a continuous analysis of the professional’s reality.

Indeed, Myox is characterised by the true defence of professional regulation and respect for the skills of each area of work within the world of health and sport.

One of the keys to personal training is precisely that it should be personal, really personal, something that seems very obvious but that unfortunately in the sector is conspicuous by its absence.
And for this logical criterion to be met, it is vital that the anamnesis (initial interview/study) is complete while at the same time being appropriate to the profile of each user. Only an adequate collection of data will allow us to propose a personalized exercise program with criteria. Well, this is one of the strengths of Myox Training, the maximum individualization of training.
Observation and continuous evaluation will lead to continuous improvement and adaptation of training programs for each user.
And, we must stress another important issue, the concept of “team”, and that is that the success of an exercise programme does not only depend on technical issues but also on personal ones, so you will feel satisfaction in feeling that the professionals at Myox empathise, care and team up with you in the pursuit and achievement of your goals.
You’re welcome to Myox Training.

The appropriate combination of the different resources provided by physiotherapy is necessary to obtain results: electrotherapy, osteopathy, manual therapy, massage therapy, etc.

But at Myox, we go beyond that, because we are not only concerned with the treatment of the symptoms, but also with the search, detection and treatment of the origin of the pain or injury.

Our protocols of biomechanical analysis and electromyography, together with the connection of physiotherapy with physical conditioning, allow us to achieve success with our patients and offer them quality of life.

In essence, Myox physiotherapy is active and intimately linked to physical exercise.

We are located in Sagunto, a city in the north of Valencia, in Spain. Specifically in the northern area of the Palancia River.

We work by appointment and always guarantee the maximum privacy of each client. We also offer home care in the towns of Canet d’ En Berenguer, Petrés, Gilet, Les Valls, Puzol and Valencia (capital).

Of course, we have, for years, had students and clients (athletes and patients) not only from different Spanish provinces, but also from different countries in Latin America and Europe, mainly.

We have developed different work systems that allow us to offer you an adequate online follow-up, it is worth mentioning the APP Myox, which leads all of this to excellence.

Contact us and we will explain how we work.

Welcome to Myox!


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