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Muscular electrostimulation is a technology which is able to make muscles work with the help of electric pulse. With these and depending on how the device which generates them has been programmed, the electrostimulation will grant diverse effects going from ranges between hypertrophy or muscle empower, muscle relaxation or accelerating healing processes. Muscle electric stimulation provides the user with a large range of positive benefits which can be applied to daily training, overall health, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, traditional medicine, aesthetics…

Now that you know what electrostimulation is, what is electro-fitness?

Electro-fitness is the method or process which implements electric muscle stimulation on the daily training routine. Although this training concept could be applied to whatever electrostimulation concept, the global market has associated this to the general electric stimulation based on devices which work with suits or vests.


Then, what are electrostimulation suits?

Electrostimulation suits are devices which use different electric circuitry and electrodes integrated on sports clothing which enables to stimulate electrically different muscles at the same time. This kind of suits grant the adhesion of the electrodes to our body, allowing us to perform our training routine together with electric pulses. This will allow us to increase our training intensity, providing better and bigger results. Electrostimulation suits can either be connected to the power source by wires or be wireless; providing this second option greater freedom in movement.

Which are the benefits of electrostimulation suits/vests?

Electrostimulation suits are specially designed to grant the adhesion of the electrodes, allowing the user to stimulate simultaneously a big range of muscles. All of the electrodes are contained within the inner surface of the suit, this prevents them from coming loose or even falling off.

There are lots of benefits when training with electric muscle stimulation: power and hypertrophic gain, improvement of muscular resistance, blood circulation, and micro-circulation improvement, acceleration of healing processes, muscular tone gain, cellulitis reduction, weight loss facilitator… this and more, if you need extra information please do not hesitate to check our electrostimulation blog.

More precisely, global or general electrostimulation, due to the fact that allows the user to stimulate diverse muscles at one time, makes training sessions to be shorter, increases the amount of power gain in a bigger number of muscles whilst increases the caloric spend, being an excellent tool to contribute on weight loss programmes.


Risks and contraindications of electrofitness?

You will be able to find different articles related to risks and adverse effects in our electrostimulation blog. Muscle electric stimulation as any other training programme can have risks and adverse effects, below we will get into more detail, but if you want to have more information about this topic I suggest you check our blog; “Risks and adverse effects of electrostimulation”


Chalecos Wfit-EMS


Electrostimulation adverse effects: Muscle fibre breakage, and in very severe situations rhabdomyolysis or severe renal fail.

Electrostimulation risks: Do not use electrostimulation if, you use cardiac pacemaker, suffer cardiac pathologies, venous thrombosis or thrombophlebitis, severe arterial obstruction, circulatory problems, epilepsy, pregnancy, abdominal or inguinal hernia, abdominal diastasis, haemophilia, arterial hypertension, cancer or tumour processes, inflammatory pathologies, auto-immune diseases, diabetes, infectious or febrile processes, skin irritation, burns and wounds.

Beware that there is no major risk than training with professionals who haven´t acquired the specific academic knowledge within electrostimulation. Most of the above-mentioned risks may become partial risks or even have no risk at all with the correct and certified training. For this, we would like to recommend our electrostimulation courses.

Let´s analyse the electrostimulation suits or vests

Institute Myox has long experience working with muscular electrostimulation, testing different products, brands and finally, we´ve decided to share this expertise, on top of all willing to protect the final costumer, trainer or physiotherapist from any possible fraud. Nowadays, in the field of electrostimulation suits, also known as electrofitness suits, there is a large range of brands over which the final customer can choose. Unfortunately, it´s not easy to find an electrofitness brand who manufactures and distributes high-quality suits, for this, there are some basics which every user should know before dicing for one or another brand:

A muscular electrostimulation suit is made up from different components: the suit itself (Which includes the wiring and electrodes) + power unit (device which generates the electric pulses) + software or remote control to adjust the power unit´s intensity.

On first instance, the suit or vest, needs to have an ergonomic design, made out of breathable skin-friendly material. Moreover, the elements of the suit should allow the user to move normally without interfering with the movements of the exercise being practiced. Most important is that it adheres properly to the body granting the correct positioning of the electrodes during the exercise. Being this kind of clothing used for sports, we should also take into account that the materials from which is made out of have to be durable and resistant.

The power unit has to be a direct pulse generator. Only this kind of power sources can ensure a stable electric pulse and wave shape (rectangular, two-phase, symmetric and balanced). With them we also must be confident of having a safe electric intensity without risks of burns or other adverse effects.

Software, idealy, your muscular electrostimulator will allow you to modify all the electrical parameters and even let you select muscular areas to train, ensuring a high level personalization of the stimuli depending of the customer´s requirements.   



The electrostimulation suits have to adjust tightly to our body, allowing us not only to move naturally but being capable of providing a high-quality range of movements which allows us to perform the exercise in a comfortable way. This is a very important characteristic to take into account, as most of the electrostimulation suits are rigid. From my personal experience as a trainer, who values highly the exercise technical skill, would not recommend any kind of suit that limits or alters the normal movements of any sports modality. This is a clear distinctive factor of the brands that include an ergonomic design to their equipment. Warranty wise, these brands must make an extra effort in providing resistant and durable clothing. Don´t forget that most sports professionals incur into an important economic cost when acquiring this equipment. There are lots of EMS brands, most likely, if you are looking for which one is the best for you, you might not be confident about which one to choose. Let us help you, if you have any doubt, please do not hesitate to fill up the form at the bottom of this page.

Which characteristics should an electro stimulator software have?

Idealy, a muscular electrostimulation software should allow us to adjust all posible electrical parameters, this allows the user to highly personalize the electrofitness training. There are commercial brands with which you will be able to work with different users at one time, be cautious! This cannot be done on every situation nor on every programme. Myox institute, passionate of controlling and personalizing electrical parameters, likes to control cronaxia (Pulse amplitude) depending on the different muscular groups idealy:

forearm: 150 us

arm: 200 us

thorax: 250 us

abdomen-lumbar: 300 us

gluteus and thigh: 350 us

legs: 400 us

We can also control, frequency (Hz), contraction and rest time, and the sloping ramp up. Below you will find an electrical parameter matrix. Truly, this knowledge is exciting and allows the professional trainer to provide high-quality training. Would you like to learn more? For sure you will enjoy our Muscular electrostimulation course: “Muscular electrostimulation training fundamentals”



Now, how does all of this electrical parameter personalization benefit my training?

It´s very simple: “achieving to créate optimal contractions with the mínimum amount of effort”. And what does this mean? When we optimise electrical parameters the electrical pulse stimulates the motor neuron specifically, improving the efficiency of the applied tension. Hence, with lower energy, we achieve higher quality contractions which means higher comfort for the customer.

Programación de un software de electroestimulación muscular  para la ganancia de masa muscular o hipertrofia en glúteos. 

¿Cómo mejorar la resistencia de mi piernas para pruebas o carreras de larga distancia entrenando con un chaleco de electrofitness?

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