Myox Institute, specialized training in muscle electrostimulation


Myox Ems Institute is currently recognized in the international professional community as an Institute of reference in the specialty of muscle electrostimulation, both in the field of training and physical preparation, as well as in the field of health, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.


Its director, Juan Peris, already has almost 20 years of experience in the field of electrostimulation training, having developed a methodology that has made Myox Ems a unique system in the world. The concept, its electrical parameters, its physiological and biomechanical implications at previously unknown levels have been analyzed, resulting in an exclusive technology, which we have happily shared through our training for years now.


In addition, at the academic level, professor Juan Peris, director of the Institute and professor of electrostimulation courses, has an outstanding academic record in terms of physical exercise and health:

  • Doctorate student from the University of Valencia, Physiology program – Faculty of Medicine.
  • Graduate in Science in Physical Activity and Sports – Licence 12.739
  • Graduate in Physiotherapy – Licence 3.319
  • Graduate in Physical Education


The academic program at Myox Institute is divided in:

  • Online Electroestimulation  courses for professionals (10 to 40 hours training)
  • On-site electroestimulation courses (10 to 15 hours training)
  • Online clinics (1 to 5 hours training)
  • Myox specialist in muscular electroestimulation certification (academic load of 220 hours)


We point this out because it is important to know that there is great rigor, seriousness and professionalism implicit in our training. You will be aware of and understand how the Myox methodology provides resources in:

  • Sports performance
  • Esthetic
  • Physiotherapy
  • Sports re-adaptation
  • Postural correction
  • Reeducation of movement
  • Special populations
  • Injuries, pain, …


Of course, we reinforce our formation with counseling tutoring, focused both on professionals who want to consult real cases of their clients or patients, as for users who have or wish to buy a muscle electrostimulator and need to be guided by a responsible and effective use of their equipment.

Of course, from Myox we treat electrostimulation in an integral way, and this means, we analyze and apply both analytical electrostimulation with reference brands such as Compex or Chattanooga and, of course, also with overall muscular electrostimulation suits.


Let's talk a little about electrostimulation:

What is muscle electrostimulation?

It is a technology or system of work that allows us to induce or provoke muscular contractions by means of electrical impulses, counting on applications in the field of medicine, physiotherapy, training, well-being and aesthetics. We present below a slide in which the “concept of muscular electrostimulation” is cited by Professor Juan Peris (image of the Fundamentals of muscle electrostimulation course).



In essence, what is the advantage of working with electrostimulation?

As we have already mentioned, it is capable of generating muscular contractions, but it does so through electrical impulses that will send a constant current generator through an electrical wave that crosses the skin and reaches the motor neuron, triggering the natural physiological process of contraction.



Okay, understood, but what is the advantage of generating the contraction in this way?

Its advantages are many and varied, depending on the approach we give it, or in other words, depending on the professional or field in which it is applied. We quote just some of its advantages:

> It offers the possibility of generating muscular contractions without the need to use external resistances, this being an advantage to preserve joint health.

> It is able to recruit more motor units than voluntary training, leading to greater gains in strength and muscle mass, however, always taking into account that helps patients and athletes, who due to different reasons could have lost or decreased body awareness, causing postural movement deficit, to contract muscles.

> Great biofeedback system, facilitating contractions and muscle control sensations that helps patients and athletes, who due to different reasons could have lost or decreased body awareness, causing postural movement deficit, to contract muscles.

> It helps, in the field of sports to prolong the time of effort and facilitate the gain of resistance or tolerance of the muscle to continued efforts, why? because, independently of the fatigue of the central nervous system, neuromuscular electrostimulation could continue to induce muscular contractions.

Increases vascularization levels, facilitating, in the field of sports, athletes’ recovery capacity at the same time as their tolerance to effort, thanks to the oxygenation provided by this vascularization, on the other hand, in the field of health, it facilitates muscle relaxation, recovery of injuries, improvement of microcirculation, return circulation and prevention of varicose veins, among others …

> These are just some examples, we will be happy to tell you much more in our formations, we are waiting for you!


Electrostimulation, risks and contraindications?

Like any training or therapy system, muscle electrostimulation has its risks and contraindications, that is precisely why you should always work with qualified professionals specifically trained in muscle electrostimulation, as there is no greater risk than working without knowledge.

> These are some of the risks of electrostimulation: fibrillary rupture and, in very severe cases, rhabdomyolysis and acute renal failure.

> Regarding the contraindications of electrostimulation, we find: peacemaker or intracardiac defibrillator, epilepsy, pregnancy, abdominal or inguinal hernia, abdominal diastasis, placement of electrodes in the lateral or anterior part of the neck, cardiac pathologies, venous thrombosis , thrombophlebitis, severe arterial obstruction, circulatory problems, hemophilia, infectious or febrile processes, arterial hypertension, serious neurological diseases, cancer or tumor diseases, inflammatory pathologies and autoimmune diseases, diabetes, skin irritation, burns and wounds.

Some of the contraindications cited here are partial and other absolute, in addition, each case must be understood and analyzed in a specific way. We want to emphasize that in many cases the fact that something is contraindicated or not depends on the praxis and knowledge of the professional, that is why we defend the idea that every professional who works with electrostimulation must be properly trained.

If you want to know the details of the information above, I recommend reading our article “Risks and contraindications of electrostimulation” and if you are a professional, our training “Fundamentals of training with muscle electrostimulation”.