MYOX ems institute

Muscle electrostimulation applied to endurance training

20 hours online training

The current online course is focused on the analysis of how electrostimulation can favor the achievement of important improvements in endurance as a physical quality.


Of course, following the usual line of Myox Institute, all analyses and applications will always be made with the double perspective, the environment of physical-sports preparation, and the environment of health, physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation; an appropriate tolerance to the effort on the part of the musculature, translates into quality of life and self-confidence in many people.


It is very important to break down the concepts and to understand what the components that influence qualities such as endurance are, in order to understand the form and method in which electrostimulation can help us to facilitate, improve or accelerate the results.


Again, students can take the acquired knowledge with the different types of electrical stimulators, those we know as analytical (Compex, Chattanooga, …) and global (electrofitness vests).

Course Materials