Fundamentos de la electroestimulación muscular por Juan Peris,
MYOX ems institute

Electrical muscle stimulation fundamentals: parameters, programming and evaluation.

This is an electrostimulation course focused on the analysis of the fundamentals of this work system. In our training, we analyze the concept itself, electrical parameters, different types of electrostimulation format (Compex and electrofitness suits), and different electrode placement systems. We will also analyze the electrostimulation applications and we learn to create programming and to evaluate its effects.


Of course, the whole training will always have a double focus, one focused on the sports field and physical preparation, and on the other hand, one focused on health, physiotherapy and readaptation.


All of our electrostimulation courses are developed in a theoretical and practical way, giving a very important value to personal assistance through private forums of the courses and tutorials by videoconference.


Currently, this training is developed in its online version in Spanish, but if you want to participate you should not worry, because all personal assistance will be received in English.


Professor Juan Peris, specialist in muscular electrostimulation, with an important academic curriculum: Phd student by the University of Valencia, Licentiate in Physical Activity and Sport, Graduate in Physical Education and Physiotherapy.

Course Materials