MYOX ems institute

Muscle electrostimulation applied to strength training in health and sports.

This is a course focused on the application of electrostimulation to strength training in its different contexts; in sports, with all its variables and objectives (maximum strength, strength and endurance, potency, hypertrophy, …) and health (gain of muscle mass, basal metabolism, quality of life, …).


In our training, we analyze the concepts that revolve around the strength, as well as the electrical parameters necessary for the programming of the strength training with muscular electrostimulation. We will analyze the materials that can be implemented and their performance (bodybuilding material, elastics, …), as well as a critical and responsible analysis of the benefits and risks for each case or special group.


We also want to clarify that all Myox Ems Institute formations are performed with the different types of electrostimulation, analytical (Compex or Chattanooga type) and global (electrofitness suits).


All of our electrostimulation courses are developed in a theoretical-practical way, giving a very important value to personal assistance to the student through the private forums of the courses and tutorials by videoconference.


Our teacher, Juan Peris, is a specialist in muscular electrostimulation, with an important academic curriculum: PhD student from the University of Valencia, Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sports, Diploma in Physical Education and Diploma in Physiotherapy.

Course Materials