Which Compex model to choose? Comparison of their electrostimulators

If you are thinking about buying a Compex and do not know which model to choose, we will try to help you through this post. My name is Juan Peris, I am a specialist in electro stimulation and responsible for Myox EMS Institute. I’m going to offer you my expert opinion:

Analysis and comparison of all models of Compex electric muscle stimulators

First of all, Sport range or Fit range?

Well, first I will present the models of each range, the COMPEX FIT RANGE has three models: COMPEX FIT 1.0, COMPEX FIT 3.0 and COMPEX FIT 5.0; and the COMPEX SP range has five models: COMPEX SP 2.0, COMPEX SP 4.0, COMPEX SP 6.0, COMPEX SP 8.0 and COMPEX SP 8.0 WOD EDITION.

I personally prefer the COMPEX SP range as I consider it more complete; in fact, it is equipped, from its lowest model, the Compex SP 2.0, with the most important programs. But in this post we will make some notes about each and every one of the models:

The COMPEX FIT 1.0 is a gadget with 4 channels and only 10 programs, 8 of them aimed at muscle toning, 1 pain management, and 1 massage. Therefore, this is a device that may interest no professional people who are looking for a basic experience with muscle electrostimulation: some basic toning and with a massage program and TENS, a symptomatic treatment of pain.

We do not recommend it if you are a sportsperson or if you suffer serious pain or injury.

The COMPEX FIT 3.0 is a device with 4 channels and 20 programs. In addition to the Compex Fit 1.0, it has MI technology (only with the Mi-Scan * function), a massage program, a rehabilitation program and from my point of view, the most outstanding characteristic, 8 pain management programs, in which the three most important ones stand out:

  • Pain management TENS: for acute pains
  • Decontracting: facilitates relaxation and lowering of muscle (pathological) tone
  • Muscle pain (formerly called endorphin): for chronic pain
  • And among its 9 programs in the Fitness category, we also highlight the lymphatic drainage program as a strong point in the Compex Fit 3.0.

All this makes the Compex Fit 3.0 an optimal electric muscle stimulator for the users that are satisfied with toning their muscles or using it for aesthetic purposes and also, those who may need to relieve the most common pains or who suffer some injury without too much importance.

We do not recommend it for athletes or people who exercise frequently. In these cases, we definitely recommend the Compex SP line.

The COMPEX FIT 5.0 is the device with the highest performance of the FIT Range, it has wireless technology, but watch out! It is only supplied with two modules, you can add two more but you must take into account when you compare prices. It has two MI technology basic functions, which are Mi-Scan * and Mi-Range *.

This gadget has 30 programs, among which the lymphatic drainage should be noted as a point in favor, as in the previous model Compex Fit 3.0.

As for its Fitness category, the programs are aimed at toning and some at increasing muscle mass, but if you are an athlete, you better decide on the Compex SP range, since it has the most classic and demanding programs of sports performance.

In short, the FIT line of Compex is mainly aimed at aesthetics and to relieve pains or overloads with the most essential programs.


The COMPEX SP 2.0 is the simplest electric muscle stimulator of the SP range of Compex. It is a device with 4 channels, connected through wires and includes a total of 20 programs. As the lowest equipment in the range, it only counts within the MI (Muscle-Intelligence) functions, with the * MI-Scan function.

It has 7 programs in the Physical Preparation category, 3 in the Recovery/massage category, 6 in the pain management category and 4 in the fitness category.

As a sports line equipment, I would like to highlight the programs that it has in the Physical preparation category:

  • Resistance
  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Explosive strength
  • Fitness
  • Warm-up
  • Capillarization

And also, as a plus point, in the pain management category, the gadget has 3 of the most used programs: Pain management TENS, Decontracting and Muscle pain.

If you like to enjoy your workouts but you are not a professional athlete and you are looking to make a minimum economic investment in an electrostimulator, you should know that the Compex SP 2.0 has the most essential programs.

The COMPEX SP 4.0 is a mid-range electrostimulator within the Compex SP line, and as the Compex SP 2.0, it is wired and has got four channels, one of which can be used with the Mi-Sensor; this equipment has the functions * Mi-Scan, * Mi-TENS and * Mi-Range. The Compex SP 4.0 includes a total of 30 programs.

As a coach and also an athlete, I especially like the programs included in the Physical Preparation category:

  • Resistance
  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Explosive strength
  • Cross training
  • Core stabilization
  • Hypertrophy
  • Fitness
  • Heating
  • Capillarization

But of course, the disadvantage that you can find with this gadget is that it has wires, so that even though it is a very complete electrical stimulator in terms of physical preparation programs you will have limitations in some executions that require movement, so freedom in your workouts will be limited.

It also includes a very complete Recovery / Massage category, with really important programs: Recovery training • Post-competition recovery • Relaxing massage • Stretch reduction • Regenerative massage.

The same applies to its Pain management category, also very complete: Pain management TENS • Decontracting • Muscle pain • Neck pain • Back pain • Tendinitis • Heavy legs • Prevention of cramps.

These are also very good, although from my point of view they are less important in terms of rehabilitation and fitness. And why do I say this? Well, because as a physiotherapist and a trainer with many years of experience with Compex, I can say that the programs mentioned above can work wonders.

In short, the Compex SP 4.0 is a great device, but … what a pity, it is wired!

We could say that the COMPEX SP 6.0 has the same technology than its smaller brother the Compex SP 4.0 but with two very important peculiarities, I repeat, really important:

Wireless technology, that is “no wires” so here you have the freedom of movement and technical execution that we missed in the previous description.

Within the Compex’s Muscle-Intelligence technology, this equipment has only the functions * Mi-Scan and * Mi-Range, which those who have read with great attention will say “but it does not have the * Mi-TENS that the Compex SP 4.0 does“, and I answer “true, but still, this gadget is winning because it has the MI functions in the four channels or modules compared to the previous one that had only one channel.” Obviously, this supposes a level of personalization of the stimulus.

I would like to point out that the programs of the Compex SP 6.0 (30 programs) are the same as the Compex SP4.0.

Concluding, if you want a highly equipped device, with absolute freedom of movement in your workouts and do not need the most professional functions, the Compex SP 6.0 is the muscle electrostimulator you need.

COMPEX SP 8.0  is the most complete muscle electrostimulation equipment of the Compex range. It is a wireless device with 4 channels and a total of 40 programs. It also has all the functions of Compex’s MI Technology (Muscle-Intelligence): * Mi-Scan, * Mi-Action, * Mi-TENS, * MI-Autorange.

And all its categories and programs deserve mention in this blog entry, because, in addition to owning all sports line, it also has all the characteristics from the other categories, highlighting the lymphatic drainage and clarifying that this is the only model of the SP range that includes it:

Physical training:

• Resistance • Endurance • Strength • Explosive strength • Overcompensation • Prevention of ankle sprain • Cross training • Core stabilization • Hypertrophy • Bodybuilding • Warm-up • Capillarization

Recovery / Massage:

• Recovery training • Post-competition recovery • Relaxing massage • Stress reduction • Regenerative massage

Pain management:

• Pain management TENS • Decontracting • Muscle pain • Neck pain • Back pain • Lumbago • Epicondylitis • Tendinitis • Heavy legs • Cramp prevention


• Muscle atrophy • Reinforcement


• Firm your arms • Tone your tights • Firm your stomach • Get stronger biceps • Build your shoulders • Increase your pecs • Define your abs • Shape your buttocks • Body power • Lymphatic drainage

It is a gadget that can become the best ally in your workouts, helping you to maximize your athletic performance, to accelerate the recovery processes, to relieve pains, to prevent and get out of injuries, to look for advanced aesthetics objectives and, I must also say it, an ideal device for trainers and physiotherapists who want to work with biofeedback and with a maximum synchronization of active work with electrical impulses thanks to the * Mi-Action function of this wonderful muscle electric stimulator.

From my point of view as a specialist in muscle electrostimulation, I consider the Compex SP 8.0 a luxury device for many athletes, but a mandatory one for professionals.

COMPEX SP 8.0 WOD: here we are with the latest Compex electrostimulation device from our comparative of Compex products, and that is, we are going to define this model in a single line:


If you want to enjoy the excellent technology of the Compex SP 8.0 but you want to feel that you have an electrostimulator with an aggressive design in your hands, do not hesitate, you will love the Compex Wod!

Well, up to here the comparison of Compex products developed by Myox Ems Institute. We hope to have clarified your doubts and now you feel confident about what Compex device is the best for you. And before closing this article, I would like to explain, for those who have needed to consult, what are the different functions of the Compex MI system:

*** Explanations about MI (Muscle-Intelligence) technology:


the sensor scans the muscle, calculating values such as chronaxia and rheobase and automatically adjusts these electrical parameters of the stimulator to your physiology, thus achieving greater comfort and efficiency, that is, optimal contraction with a smaller amount of electrical energy needed.


the electro stimulator tells you the optimal intensity of stimulation during the realization of the Recovery and Massage programs.


optimizes the effectiveness of the session by combining voluntary contractions with electrostimulation contractions, giving you total control over your training. The gadget is able to detect your voluntary contraction to send the electrical impulse at the right moment.


a function that offers a lot of security in the treatment of pain, the muscle electrostimulator facilitates the adjustment of the intensity of stimulation in the pain management TENS program, recommending a range of stimulation and even lowering it automatically when it detects an excessive intensity, in order to ensure optimal results.


a new function of Compex’s Muscle-Intelligence technology that allows the electric muscle stimulator to automatically determine the most appropriate level of stimulation.

It has been a real pleasure to share with you this blog post “What Compex model to choose? Comparison of products”, but we know that there is more than that and that most of you need to learn how to handle an electrostimulator, how and at what times to use the Compex, and what its advantages are.

So, you can buy your equipment in our store and to make sure you enjoy it to the fullest, we have developed for you a gallery-guide of placement of electrodes and this free specific training clinic about Compex:

My name is Juan Peris and I hope to have helped you, and now you have all the information you need to know, you can leave your comments below.

Always at your disposal,

Juan Peris

Specialist in Muscular Electrostimulation

PhD student at the University of Valencia

Physical-Sports Educator – Licence 12.739

Physiotherapist – Licence 3.319

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