Myox EMS Institute was founded in 2014 by Juan Peris, coinciding with the tenth anniversary of the birth of Neokinesis (its parent brand), and it does so with a clear purpose: to become an international benchmark in the field of the MUSCLE ELECTROESTIMULATION. The work developed by Juan Peris, through Neokinesis, its great development and international impact, motivates the birth of the Myox Institute, delegating all the work specialized in muscle electrostimulation: we develop work protocols, offer training, advice to professionals and international amateurs , we distribute electrostimulation equipment becoming the first store run by specialists in the field, we also share quantity of information through our blog and our forum. In short, was founded to become the Institute of international reference in muscle electrostimulation, through a work always based on three basic pillars: knowledge, honesty and enthusiasm.
Created in 2004, by Juan Peris, is the result of the eagerness and enthusiasm to develop a comprehensive work for anyone who wants to enjoy a healthy and active life or engage in sports, and of course, for our colleagues, who, like us want to continue growing day by day. Neokinesis has, therefore, the purpose of offering its services thinking both of the amateur and the professional. From training services, physiotherapy, counseling, training, research to the sale of products; we can find them in this brand of international repercussion. As everything that is born has an implicit purpose and character, always manifested from the vision of who creates it. Neokinesis has had, has and will always aim to develop its services with the utmost professionalism, honesty and closeness. Customer satisfaction always becomes our immediate satisfaction. The work of Neokinesis in the field of muscle electrostimulation for a decade, gives its fruit and leads to the creation of Myox advanced training, so that it derives everything related to this field, to turn it into a specialized brand and at the same time, benchmark in the market. You can find the main Neokinesis website at


Our purpose is to offer through our everything that the user or professional may need in relation to this specialized field:

  • face-to-face training
  • Online training
  • electrostimulation equipment
  • advice
  • tutorials
  • publications


Director de Myox EMS Institute

Juan Peris: Myox Ems Institute director
Creator and director of Neokinesis, 2004 (responsible for the area of training and physiotherapy) Creator and director of Myox, 2014 (director and teacher in the training courses). Juan Peris, creator and director of Neokinesis, born in 1981 and native of Sagunto (Valencia), lives and feels this project not as a job but as a dream come true, which with all his passion and dedication has become a way of life for him. Sportsman since childhood and with an innate vocation for teaching, he has developed an extensive curriculum to this day, with an illusion of growth and continuous improvement. Regarding his Curriculum Vitae, it is worth mentioning: - PhD student at the University of Valencia in the Physiology of effort program
- DEA in Sciences Applied to Sport
- Graduate Sciences of Physical Activity and Sports (licence 12.739)
- Graduate in Physiotherapy (licence 3.319)
- Graduate in Physical Education Contact:
Thais de Moura: Coordinator of Myox EMS Institute
Thais responsible of the coordination of national and international formations. She is also responsible of translations and attention in Portuguese. Regarding her curriculum vitae:
- Studying Graduation in Physical Education.
- Certified Myox: specialist in muscle electrostimulation.
- Black belt in Wushu Kung-fu, national elite athlete in Brazil. Contact:


Coordinadora de Myox EMS Institute

THANK YOU FOR TRUSTING MYOX.FIT has become an international benchmark in the field of electrostimulation